Our People & Change team helps clients manage their people-related needs. With a prime focus on human resources (HR) strategies designed to attract, develop, motivate, retain and manage the right people with the right skills sets, we help clients maximize the value from their workforce.

Our services include:

We create effective and efficient organization designs to deliver the capabilities and performance required by the clients’ strategy. We work with clients at any stage of their growth cycle, from start-up to well established operations.

We help clients capitalize on the positive implications of talent development while realizing their overall business strategy. Using a mix of KPMG’s tailored models and industry best practice, we assist clients as they seek to attract, retain and develop the right people in line with their current and forecasted business needs. 

We accelerate successful change implementation by working closely with clients to identify key issues and develop tailored strategies, which aim to improve structure, processes and technology, positively impacting people and the organization.

We help clients create HR functions by developing tailored delivery models to implement their broader human capital strategy and meet their organizational needs from business and cultural perspective. This can involve HR benchmarking and assessments, process optimization and HR technologies, capabilities development and performance assessment.

How we can help

Our experts understand the connection between people management practices and business outcomes such as profitability, customer satisfaction and quality. KPMG’s approach enables clients to drive performance through people.

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