Achieving optimal operational efficiency and effectiveness is difficult even at the best of times.  Businesses in the region are looking for ways to respond competitively to the changing economic landscape. Their focus has now moved to reducing direct costs to meet customer requirements, optimizing operations and reducing indirect spending.

Our services include:

Procurement excellence is key to improving business value, mitigating risks and creating transparency in supply management. We help clients plan and implement full-scale procurement transformations as well as targeted improvements through strategic/global sourcing, zero-based costing, vendor development, contract management and procurement excellence assessment.

Driven by the desire to cut costs and improve efficiency, companies have turned to shared services and outsourcing to enhance competitiveness. KPMG’s delivery models enable organizations to compete more effectively by transforming their internal operations. Our team is experienced in guiding clients through the various functional areas of shared services and outsourcing.

 We help clients analyze opportunities to enhance profitability by providing an external perspective on ways to reshape their organization and eliminate significant costs through:

  • Material cost reduction
  • Conversion cost reduction
  • Indirect spending reduction
  • Procurement shared services
  • Manpower optimization

Optimizing the value of strategic initiatives, such as restructuring or acquisition in the implementation phase or post-deal, can be a challenge. We help clients integrate or merge operations and create sustainable value by retaining competencies, identifying best practices within existing operations, streamlining processes and systems whilst simultaneously mitigating the risks inherent in the post-deal phase. 

We help clients to evolve the role of their finance departments from transaction processing to driving growth and profitability and providing timely insight into business performance. 

Shifting patterns in supply and demand, cost pressures and market conditions mean that businesses need to be increasingly agile, cost effective and responsive to customer demands. Our experts help clients turn risks into opportunities throughout the supply chain cycle by providing the following services:

  • Supply chain planning and execution
  • Logistics cost reduction
  • Location analysis
  • Network design and optimization
  • Warehouse design and management.

How we can help

Our Operations Consulting team brings expertise in all aspects of business operations, helping clients to develop efficient operations, which support their strategic business objectives and financial goals. We dig deep into the root causes of inefficiencies, provide real insight to define functional strategies and turn them into execution plans.

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