The Order-to-CashCycle

Challenges in the current business environment have highlighted the importance of having an optimized Order-to-Cash cycle

Order-to-Cash, also known as OTC, can be described as a combination of processes and steps that take place from the moment the customer places an order to the time this order is completely processed, fulfilled, and registered.

Neglecting the importance of the OTC cycle can result in deficiencies and expose business organizations to risks, not only inside the finance department but also in other functions such as the supply chain or inventory management.

In these circumstances, it is important to ensure that all members of your organization understand what the OTC cycle consists of and what are their roles andresponsibilities.

A robust OTC cycle implementation can also speed up further data analysis creating added value.

Take the lead in adopting a proactive OTC approach by anticipating actions, and building an integrated process framework. This will enable building a competitive advantage to stand out among other companies in your industry.

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