A message from our Global Chairman & CEO

Together. For Better.

KPMG has achieved double digit global growth — a remarkable validation that our organization is on the right path. But the ultimate measure of success is what we’ve been able to accomplish for our people, clients, and society.

Every project we handle adds up to something greater. Whether it’s helping to build confidence in the capital markets by providing robust, high-quality audits that investors can rely on, or providing new methods for analyzing carbon emissions and using that data to help forge a new business model, KPMG teams are working together to empower a bright and resilient new future.

Piece by piece. Project by project. We help others solve problems. And when you add up all that work, you start to see faint outlines of the vast progress we have helped lead. Digitizing the workspace and wide swaths of societal behavior, advising legal departments on how to handle new governance demands, ushering in a new stakeholder-focused way of doing business, and guiding boardrooms on their approaches to problems that can impact everyone.

Working side-by-side with clients, stakeholders, and all those that rely on us is how KPMG professionals can truly leave their mark on this world. Few organizations have the expertise and reach that we do. Local knowledge, leading-edge technology, and talented people, connected globally, working together to help solve some of the world's biggest problems. Our strength is bringing everything we can, together, for better.

After another challenging year, it’s incredibly gratifying to see that we’re having a real impact that no financial tally could ever capture. I’d like to thank our people, clients, stakeholders and all those that work with and trust us for helping to sustain this success.

Bill Thomas
Global Chairman & CEO
KPMG International


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