A sound strategy is critical for the success of any business or any organization. It acts as a strong foundation for the vision - long term aspirations of what the organization seeks to be in the future and the mission – the very purpose of the organization’s existence and overall purpose. Further it underpins the key values and principles that drive organizational culture and binds the workforce as a single team.

Business strategy can include one or multiple objectives such as growth, diversification, sustainable profits, turnaround, overcoming technological, regulatory challenges, compliance with ESG leading practices, etc. Strategic decisions have long term impact on any organization and hence need ownership from senior leadership and all departments working in close cooperation with a sense of purpose.

At KPMG, we have significant local, regional and international experience in strategy development for our clients from diverse sectors. With this first edition of Asasiyat - KPMG Strategy Insight Series, we seek to commence a dialogue across the industry on strategy development and its importance for business success. This document is our contribution towards helping our clients achieve their aspirations thus contributing to the development of Qatar and Qatar Vision 2030.

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