Advisory services in obtaining financial support for the purchase and use of electric vehicles

Financial support for the electric vehicles

KPMG provides comprehensive assistance in obtaining financial support, including preparation of applications for direct grants.

KPMG receives financial support for the purchase and use of electric vehicles.

Scope of KPMG services may encompass the following activities: Project definition for the purpose of applying for support; Analysis of project-related information presented by the Company for which KPMG will prepare the application; Analysis of the call criteria in order to develop strategy for obtaining the maximum score during final evaluation; Drafting of the proposal and attachments in accordance with the instruction issued by the appropriate institution; Submission of documentation within the period specified by the institution; Communication with institutions responsible for implementation of aid and assistance at the stage of signing of a grant agreement.

In the phase of analysis and recommendation KPMG provides the following services:

  • identification of public aid sources,
  • advising on restructuring operations and planned projects in order to increase of financing,
  • assessment of the chances of obtaining support,
  • proposing a roadmap,
  • develop strategies for applying for funding.

During the phase of preparation of the documentation KPMG:

  • prepares application for funding,
  • assists in the attachments preparation,
  • analyzes selected documents for merit,
  • support in recruitment process of scientific and engineering partners.

KPMG ensures that the application is properly prepared in the formal terms and receives the highest rating possible in the course of substantive verification.

KPMG advisors ensure to monitor the evaluation process and contact with the relevant institutions.
Our experience shows that monitoring the process of obtaining public funding is a very important measure, contributing to the increase of the chances of obtaining support.
KPMG provides support during signing the agreement for project funding.

During the project settlement KPMG offers support in:

  • conducting workshops from project accounting,
  • preparing payment applications,
  • preparation and implementation of methods that control and reduce the risk of failure to achieve the indicators,
  • overseeing the preparation of the project’s documentation for the control and assistance in the preparation of the company for routine checks.

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