The new tax relief and grants for research and development carried out by businesses

Tax relief and grants for R&D carried out by businesses

Tax relief already functioning in many countries and commonly known as a R&D “super deduction”.

The new R&D tax credit allows for reducing the tax burden.

The new tax incentive – already functioning in many countries and commonly known as a R&D “super deduction” – together with existing possibilities of obtaining grants for ongoing R&D activities, will expand the range of opportunities businesses have to receive incentives for R&D activities. Companies have had the opportunity to benefit from the new tax credit since 1st January 2016.

How can we help?

With a wider range of possibilities to receive aid, it becomes crucial to identify projects eligible for obtaining incentives in an organization and to select best available instrument – tax relief or a cash grant. 

The Polish Grant & Incentives team at KPMG is part of the international KPMG R&D Incentives Network. Our experts have years of experience in identifying and securing grants and incentives for R&D around the world. 

Our services

We can help with:

  • Identifying R&D activities within your company
  • Informing you about available tax incentives and grants for projects
  • Preparing the strategy most favorable to secure finance for R&D activities
  • Advising as to how to organizationally and legally develop activities in order to optimize chances of obtaining support
  • Preparing documentation necessary to use tax incentives or grants for R&D activities
  • Assistance with proper accounting and documenting of costs, as well as the introduction of appropriate accounting and tax principles.

Assisting during inspections related with the use of tax incentives or grants received for leading R&D activities and in any potential disputes with the authorities.

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