Forensic Technology

Forensic Technology

Support in acquisition and analysis of digital data.

Support in acquisition and analysis of information stored in digital form.

KPMG Forensic Technology team has the tools and experience necessary for acquisition and analysis of evidence in digital form from a variety of sources, analysis of data from the financial / accounting systems in order to identify suspicious transactions, irregularities, relationships between entities or attempted manipulation of financial data, as well as search for key information in data collected in both forms paper and electronic.


KPMG Forensic Technology team has extensive knowledge and years of experience in the identification, recovery, securing, and analyzing electronic evidence. Our team is part of an international network of KPMG experts, with which it maintains close cooperation. Selecting KPMG, our customers gain access to the latest technology and expertise used by our professionals in their daily work.


Forensic Technology supports the execution of various Forensic engagements by:


Acquisition of evidence in digital form

KPMG team uses professional software and equipment to secure evidence coming from both desktops, laptops and external hard drives, as well as data collected from mobile phones or smartphones. We are able to recover files and e-mail accidentally or intentionally deleted from the devices.


Data analysis

KPMG team has a number of specialized analytical tools used in the analysis of large volumes of data, including advanced tools for visualization of relevant data and specialized data mining software. Furthermore, using specialized tool and methodology to analyze the data, KPMG is able to provide assistance by identifying unusual behavior and transactions, which may indicate attempts to commit abuses, as well as identify weaknesses in the control environment that may indicate an increased risk of fraud in the future.


Review and management of the evidence

Reviewing thousands of documents from many different sources to find relevant information is very time-consuming. By using specialized e-discovery software, we are able to help you by organizing all documents in one complete, searchable database, which can be shared using the intuitive web interface and allows to find the most important documents using key words in a short time.

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