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KPMG VAT Tool: e⁠-⁠Invoicing is the quick and easy answer to e⁠-⁠Invoicing challenges

In three days, we deliver a ready-made e-Invoicing product that you don't need to install

KPMG VAT Tool: e-Invoicing allows you to conveniently upload data from spreadsheets and generate multiple e-Invoices simultaneously. Assurance is provided by the data validation function, as well as its visualization in pdf format.

KPMG VAT Tool – e⁠-⁠Invoicing screenshot

Benefits of KPMG VAT Tool: e⁠-⁠Invoicing



The tool is embedded in the cloud and easily accessible online – all you need is a link and a web browser.



The application does not require integration with the company's ERP systems, and data can be uploaded from MS Excel files.



We provide access to the application within 72 hours of signing the contract.

Oszczędność pieniędzy

Money saving

The tool is versatile and does not require an expensive individual implementation process.

ikona tarcza strzały cel

Our application is an ideal solution for companies that do not plan or cannot make significant changes directly to their ERP systems to accommodate Polish e-Invoice requirements.

The advantages of the application will certainly also be appreciated by organizations issuing a relatively small number of sales invoices, looking for a universal and inexpensive solution for handling e-Invoices.

Tool features and capabilities

One-click generation of multiple e-Invoices

based on data imported from an MS Excel file or using a form to enter individual invoices.

Automatic validation of imported data and created e-Invoices

before they are sent to KSeF. Transparent and easy-to-read validation error report.

Sending sales e-Invoices to KSeF and downloading all purchase e-Invoices from KSeF.

Storage of information about e-Invoices sent and downloaded from KSeF

(KSeF ID and dates of uploading to KSeF and assigning KSeF ID).

Visualization of sales and purchase e-Invoices

in user-friendly pdf format.

Quick and easy data export

in the xml, MS Excel or pdf file format.

Management of authorizations

concerning e-Invoices in KSeF.

Application implementation model

laptop z otwartą aplikacją KPMG VAT Tool – e⁠-⁠Invoicing

We offer KPMG VAT Tool: e-Invoicing in a subscription model

We provide a link, and the tool, which is updated regularly, is available on the Microsoft Azure cloud – so you don't have to make any changes to your company's systems.

What are e-Invoices and why is it so important?

>An e-Invoice is issued and received through the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF)

>An e-Invoice is issued in a standardized xml format accepted by the Ministry of Finance

>An e-Invoice is issued in accordance with the logical structure published by the Ministry of Finance

>An e-Invoice is considered to have been issued on the day it is sent to KSeF and received on the day it is assigned an identification number by KSeF

Invoice date = date of dispatch to KSeF

Invoice date = date of dispatch to KSeF
KSeF assignment date = date of receipt

KSeF assignment date = date of receipt

As of January 1, 2022, Polish companies can issue e-Invoices via KSeF. This is one of the permissible forms of documenting sales and purchase transactions – in addition to paper invoices and electronic invoices already in business.

As of July 1, 2024, active VAT taxpayers are required to document their turnover exclusively with e-Invoices.