The alcoholic beverages market in Poland

The alcoholic beverages market in Poland

Trends on The alcoholic beverages market in Poland.



The alcoholic beverages market in Poland

About the survey

We are pleased to present this report, prepared with the aim to offer a comprehensive picture of trends on The alcoholic beverages market in Poland. This publication describes all key categories, from beer, wine and fermented alcoholic beverages to various spirits and RTDs. We supplemented our analysis of retail sales with a survey conducted with adult consumers as well as manufacturers and importers of alcoholic beverages.

The analysis revealed a picture of a market at the stage of considerable transformation by consumer trends and product trends. While the categories of beer and vodka continue to prevail, the market is becoming richer as well as more complex. As premiumisation progresses, some categories are growing in popularity, for instance grape wine, whisk(e)y and specialty beers. The innovation trend also plays an increasing role, reflected in the expansion of flavoured beers and spirits. At the same time, the pressure on margins is not receding, and stems from consumers’ high price sensitivity, their efforts to seek value for money, and from the negotiating power of some distribution channels.

Of no less importance is the regulatory trend, encompassing primarily an increase in excise duty on spirits since early 2014. In order to present those changes in a broader context, we undertook an analysis of excise duty regulations in Poland against the background of neighbouring countries and other EU member states. The report also brings a summary of key regulations concerning production, trade and advertising of various categories of alcoholic beverages.

We would like to extend our thanks to all companies and consumers who took part in our survey. In particular, we would like to thank the managers and industry experts who spent their time answering questions during our in-depth interviews. We believe that this publication will provide many interesting insights into The alcoholic beverages market in Poland .


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