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Our multidisciplinary KPMG Private Enterprise teams are working across the country to support privately-owned businesses to grow. We can assist you in all areas of business. We help you make confident, well-informed choices to drive value and deliver outstanding results.

How Can we help?

  • Growing your business
  • Transitioning your business
  • Family business

Family business

The Polish economy is largely based on Polish business activites, including family businesses. For many years KPMG has been accompanying Polish entrepreneurs, expanding knowledge and developing business solutions tailored to the changing market conditions in various areas of business activities.

Accounting & Finance

Assistance in accounting and Finance

  • Analysis and improvement of internal controls in the company
  • Advisory with regards to requirements of the Accounting Act
  • Assistance in the process of conversion accounts to International Accounting Standards
  • Assistance in acquiring financing from public resources (domestic and EU funds)
  • Audit reviews

M&A transactions and financing

Support in M&A transactions and finance raising

  • Preparation of a competitive sale process of the target company and transaction assistance
  • Buy-side and sell-side due diligence of the target company
  • Transaction tax structuring and personal tax optimization related to the transaction
  • Support in sale and purchase agreement preparation and in transactioncompletion process
  • Financial modelling for the purpose of contemplated transaction of finance raising
  • Assistance in finance raising for companies or investment projects

Management effectiveness improvement

  • Operating management services: operating reviews indicating potential improvement areas
  • Company’s development and growth: optimization of marketing and sales area
  • Finance and controlling: optimization of processes and utilization of management information systems (planning, budgeting)
  • Improvement and development of human resources management
  • Cost cutting programs and reorganization of support functions, including shared service centres’ creation

Tax compliance, on-going tax advisory and optimisation structures

Our assistance includes, but is not limited, to:

  • Tax hotlines
  • Tax compliance covering all taxes
  • Optimisation of personal income tax of the top management/key managers/business owners
  • Recovery of taxes overpaid: PCC, VAT, property tax
  • Optimisation of corporate income tax in current operations
  • Advisory services with regards to commencing operations in special economic zones (SEZ) and optimisation of operations in SEZ
  • Optimisation and protection of family business succession

Legal advisory

Our assistance includes, but is not limited, to:

  • Continued assistance of attorney or legal adviser in different legal issues arising as a result of current operations of companies or entrepreneurs
  • Obtaining official documents necessary in the course of business
  • Preparation of all legal documents required
  • Negotiations with clients
  • Conducting court cases
  • Mediations with employees or clients
  • Specialized advisory: banking (negotiations of bank documents), capital market/NewConnect, labour law and intellectual property, purchase of property and others assets, long term lease agreements

Risk management

Our assistance includes, but is not limited, to:

  • Assessment and design of internal controls system and risk management systems
  • Managing IT risk (i.e. IT audits, IT safety audits, Business Continuity Management)
  • Advisory in the area of financial risk management (currency risk, interest rate risk, inventory risk) and liquidity

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