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The continual development of the Polish economy along with changes in law have provided new opportunities for the development of banks and other financial institutions. Increased competition, on the other hand, forces banks and other financial institutions to seek approaches that help enable their success in the struggle for position in the increasingly difficult and complex financial market.

KPMG was one of the first advisory firms that established an industry-focussed structure within its organisation making it possible to work in and amass knowledge specifically in the sectors of the economy our clients focus on. Due to the utilisation of such an approach we developed an outstanding specialisation in the financial sector.

KPMG also offers comprehensive consulting services for the banking sector in the areas of Tax, Financial Risk Management, Information Risk Management and Business Advisory. What differentiates us is the largest and the most specialized Financial Services Audit Department with extensive experience in both auditing financial statements as well as rendering other assurance services to financial institutions operating in Poland.