The KPMG Alumni programme enables building a network of contacts with former employees of the firm. By participating in the Programme, they can renew relations with former acquaintances, maintain contact with KPMG and its current employees, receive the latest information about the company as well as the latest publications. Thanks to networking and content events organised under the KPMG Alumni Programme, we support business relationships between current and former KPMG employees.

In KPMG's organisational culture we treat the Alumni community in the same way as we treat our employees. The Alumni create our corporate identity to the same extent. KPMG's values are our common denominator.

The Programme has several aspects: we create a network of contacts, bring the Alumni together in a dedicated Programme, as well as recruit and encourage the return of our former employees.

Thanks to registration in the Programme, former KPMG employees can:

  • Renew their relationships with friends
  • Take part in networking and content events
  • Join the discussion in a dedicated group on the LinkedIn portal
  • Receive regular newsletters
  • Be the first to know about new job offers
  • Receive the latest KPMG publications

People who have worked for KPMG and want to join the KPMG Alumni community are invited to register at