Crisis Response Tracker App Features

Employee Safety Monitoring

Employees can easily report emergencies and incidents which trigger notifications and alerts to command centers and emergency response teams. Validated incidents can be tracked and managed with a dashboard, allowing real-time updates per incident.

Emergency Response

Organizations can manage their own Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) from within the platform. The System Admin can assign responders to certain incidents and the ERT can then initiate rescue or resolve the situation.

Crisis Management Playbooks

On an enterprise level, management and select personnel can have access to Crisis Management Playbooks. These playbooks can be customized depending on the needs and standards of the company.

COVID Response Module

Organizations can initiate contract tracing in the platform. Administrators can publish news and announcements within the app. Each post can be categorized depending on the organization's needs.

Location Sharing

Personnel can share their locations whenever required and needed. This can be done via QR Code Scanning, Virtual Map Location declaration and GPS Location Sharing.

SMS Integration

Employees can interact with the platform via SMS, report their safety status and know critical updates regarding an incident in the absence of internet connection.