Frontiers in Finance - March 2019

Frontiers in Finance - March 2019

How financial institutions can capitalize on today's risk and regulatory landscape for long-term success.

How financial institutions can capitalize on today's risk and regulatory landscape.

Risk proofing your future

In this edition of Frontiers in Finance, we focus on risk and regulation, exploring a wide range of challenges and opportunities facing banks, insurers and asset managers around the world. We also interviewed risk management executives from leading financial institutions to hear their practical insights for navigating today’s complex landscape.

Ten years have passed since the global financial crisis. The industry has seen significant change in regulation, business models and risk management approaches. Jim Liddy, KPMG's Global Financial Services Chairman, looks at whether financial institutions are now Resilient enough and offers a risk management checklist for today's 21st-century enterprises.

There is no question, the business risks facing financial services executives today are daunting. New technologies, the increased focus on social responsibility, ongoing operational and geopolitical risks are radically transforming traditional business models. The ability to capitalize on the regulatory and risk landscape – better manage the risks, more effectively respond to changing regulation and uncover opportunities for competitive advantage, will be key to achieving long-term success.

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