In our May edition we share four noteworthy articles for businesses we believe are key to navigating challenges ahead:

1.     Internal Audit- We drill down on key thematic areas to consider for 2025 and beyond:

  • We describe these as external pressures brought to bear by geopolitics, economic uncertainty, ESG, Supply Chain and the like.
  •  Securing Success in a world that is constantly evolving as we embrace digital transformation and the operational challenges that come with it; and
  • We highlight the unveiling of global evolution in innovation and connectivity, the challenges of Cyber security, Data Privacy, Governance and digital disruption for business.

2.     We share the IRC’s assessment of the impact of the January 10 riots on businesses.

3.     We take a closer look at IRC’s 2023 Performance Report; and finally, we.

4.     Foreshadow the IFRS 19 reduced disclosures for subsidiaries to be discussed later.

KPMG in PNG has dedicated in-house locally based specialists in all of the following areas: cybersecurity and technology advisory, internal audit/risk, visa migration, corporate finance, management consulting, fraud investigation as well as tax, audit readiness, financial statement preparation, payroll services, and assurance. As such we are well placed to provide a truly multi-disciplined approach to business advisory.

Internal Audit: key thematic areas to consider in 2025

To assist Heads of Internal Audit, we have compiled a portfolio of key thematic areas and their associated risks that Internal Audit functions should consider during the formulation of forward-looking Internal Audit Plans for 2025. These themes encompass a spectrum of both emerging and established risks that should be applied in the creation of a responsive and agile Internal Audit Plan. Below is a selective list of thematic areas – while not comprehensive, it is intended to provide a foundation upon which Internal Audit may base its evaluation of the organisation's risk and control standing for the forthcoming year.

Other topics covered include:

  • IRC assessment of impact of 10 January riots on businesses
  • IRC releases its 2023 performance report


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