In this month’s edition, we introduce you to ChatGPT, the AI-based chatbot that has taken the world by storm over the past few months. We also provide a debrief on the most recent back-to-business breakfast hosted by the Prime Minister. In the area of ESG, Ces Iewago talks about the role PNG business has to play in meeting their obligations in this space. Finally, we are very proud to have hosted the 22 February tax lecture presented by Hon Justice J.A. Logan RFD on ‘Revenue Law and Practice in PNG’, where Karen McEntee joined the panel discussion. 

KPMG in PNG has dedicated in-house specialists in all the following areas: internal audit/risk, visa migration, corporate finance, management consulting, IT advisory, fraud investigation as well as tax and assurance. As such we are well placed to provide a truly multi-disciplined approach to business advisory.

In this Month's Kundu

Welcome to a newly emerging type of artificial intelligence which promises to rewrite the way we work

by Zanie Theron, Managing Partner

This is the first article in a series exploring a rapidly emerging and continuously evolving technology.  Many industries are poised to take a rapid leap forward, but with significant implications to existing processes.  The catalyst for this transformation is generative artificial intelligence (AI), an emerging form of AI that can create original articles, essays, images, music, and code by building on patterns it finds in existing text audit files, images, and software. 

Other topics covered include:

  • 13th Prime Minister’s back to business breakfast.
  • ESG in Papua New Guinea 
  • Public lecture on Revenue Law and Practice in PNG

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