What is ESG?

It is clear the consideration of this significant area is becoming unavoidable for all entities, especially in remaining relevant in the modern business world. Read the interesting article and start thinking about how you will need to adapt. This month also sees the changes in the PNG Companies Act highlighted, most notably around the concept of the beneficial ownership of shares. Further proposed movement in the compliance space includes PNGX having released the proposed new listing rules for consultation with a closing date of Friday 16 December 2022. Finally, and very relevant to all commercial entities, we discuss the concept of expected credit losses (ECL). Companies are required to measure the impairment of financial assets, including trade receivables, using an ECL model. The creation and annual updating of this model could be challenging, and we aim to provide some guidelines that may clarify this process.


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In this Month's Kundu

What is ESG?

The world is drastically changing. Alongside positive development associated with socio-economic growth, we are also faced with several environmental and social challenges including, but not limited to, climate change, poverty, hunger, rising unemployment and gender inequality, racial injustice, irresponsible consumption and production, pollution, bribery, and corruption. 

Other topics covered include:

  • Important amendments to the Companies Act
  • How are expected credit losses on trade receivables impacted
  • PNGX has released proposed new Listing Rules for consultation
  • Our social media presence

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