Our CSR Mandate

KPMG takes pride in supporting professional groups, organisations, and worthy causes that are important to our customers, employees and people throughout PNG. KPMG has built partnerships with various organising committees, events and charities who champion, cultural unity, professional development, education, sports, empowerment of women, health and well-being.

One of the key pillars of our CSR mandate is that of “Education”. While much has been written about the decline in quality of PNG education in the primary to secondary school level, not much is talked about in regards to the business community. Our CSR mandate has identified two secondary schools (Badihagwa and Tokarara) who we have raised our engagement with since the beginning of the year. Our CSR activities with the schools has ranged from donating much needed office furniture to refurbishing existing recreational infrastructure such as basketball courts. 

Commitment to our local communities is at the heart of who we are and to everything we work to achieve. We work in partnership with non-profit organisations across all three of the Islands, and are proud of a wide range of initiatives to engage our people, our clients and our communities.

We take our role as a corporate citizen seriously, and KPMG remains at the forefront of serving and strengthening our markets and communities in tangible ways. It’s core to our purpose and part of our legacy. 


About the Commitee

The CSR Committee started in 2019 with the mandate to discharge social responsibilities of KPMG in Papua New Guinea. The Committee meets once a month and run programs to help and support local communities. There are plans to increase member size and extend programs which remains a big agenda for committee this year.

The commitee regularly chooses a number of charities to work with over a given period of time, whether that is a bake sale, a sponsored run, volunteering or offering our professional services. All staff are encouraged to not only get involved in our charitable activities, but to also be the ones to suggest which charities we engage with and how we can help.

At KPMG we do what is right, we work together and we support our community for success

KPMG CSR Chairman

KPMG in our communities - For Better

Ela Beach Clean-Up 

To support Earth Day in April, KPMG partnered with Nature Park and cleaned up Ela Beach. The activity is part of Nature Park’s Trash Tag which is a clean-a-thon program in Port Moresby. The activity ended well leaving a lesson to the community of being responsible citizens.

Secret Santa at POMGEN

Before leaving for Christmas break, the children from the Cancer Ward at POM General Hospital received Christmas presents and a cheque, all worth K2,500 from KPMG. This arrangement was made possible with the help of Friends of POMGen.

Schools Donation 

Lack of office equipment is an issue within schools in Port Moresby. Kicking off the programs, KPMG delivered 10 cabinets and 10 sets of draws worth K5,000 each to Badihagwa Secondary School and Tokarara Secondary School. Thanks to this donation, schools were able to save funds for other school needs.  

Giving back to IBS University

KPMG has donated 9 laptops to IBS University. This donation was part of our continuous support to universities in PNG. In delivering the laptops, we spent some time with students and lectures, had a look around the environment and facilities, and ended with a nice lunch with the management. The students and lecturers were glad as some students do not have personal laptops hence our donation will go a long way.

Basketball Court Painting

KPMG painted the basketball court of Tokarara Secondary School in partnership with South Pacific Paint and Active Signs which gave a new look to the court. A partnership was forged, and Tokarara was listed for future supports in addition to Badihagwa. All this left the students and teachers excited to what KPMG is doing in supporting schools.

Ongoing support to Cheshire

Cheshire Homes has been among the chosen organizations KPMG is committed to support. KPMG, with contributions of staff, provided basic hygiene items such soaps, detergents, toothpaste, among others, and participated in the organization’s Sausage Sizzle which is the regular fundraiser for the organization in September. KPMG has continued the support with the continuous help of staff who donated cash and items.