Whatever the industry or sector, whether public or private, a strong operational focus is critical to an organization’s continued growth and success. It enhances stakeholder and community confidence, aligns processes and practices with corporate and national objectives, and opens the way to long-term, sustainable performance improvement. However, maximizing competitive advantage across the enterprise is perhaps the number one challenge for CEOs today.

Looking out across the operating landscape, chief executives see more data, more regulation, more competition and more cost. Growth is harder to achieve, R&D investment is often inadequate and high risk, and legacy IT systems may not be able to adapt to such a dynamic environment.

We help our clients by understanding their current business operations and challenges and providing tailored advice with a strong focus on their operating cost levers. This is delivered through our service offerings:

  • Operational Excellence: utilisation of a structured approach (e.g. Lean) to the design and implementation of efficient processes and effective management systems to help our clients achieve their target operating model
  • Procurement Advisory: assist clients in understanding the third party cost base and in defining specific strategies and capabilities to deliver sustainable value, including effective processes for contract management
  • Supply Chain Advisory: help clients enhance the performance of their key operational activities across their corporate value chain and providing advice targeting efficiency and cost optimisation opportunities.
  • Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory: we work with clients to help strategise, design, market test, establish and transition to the most appropriate service delivery model, whether services are delivered through third party providers or internally through a shared services centre using an onshore or offshore model. Once a service delivery model is in place we assist in long-term enhancement and governance with the aim that the model continues to support the client’s strategic objectives.

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