The growing ‘experience economy’ is changing the face of talent management Organizations worldwide are faced with talent management challenges. There is an increasing emphasis on creating a valuable experience for employees. Talent management is no longer limited to acquisition, development, performance and retention strategies.

As employees’ day-to-day experiences broaden, so do their expectations. Employers are increasingly battling for their loyalty. Creating an employee experience that enables individuals to regularly give their best is necessary not only for improved satisfaction, but also for strong business performance.

What is TalentX?

TalentX focuses on understanding and integrating critical experiences across the employee lifecycle to develop a robust talent management strategy. It shifts the needle towards employee experiences and addresses talent needs. The goals is to make work and life better, rather than focusing solely on the needs of HR through traditional talent management practices and processes.

  • Uses an insight-led approach to shape strategies around day-to-day experiences with an emphasis on culture, engagement and employment brand
  • Enables alignment between the brand and its values. Customer experience is rooted in employee behaviors which, in turn, are shaped by effective, experience[1]focused talent management processes
  • Articulates the ‘employee deal,’ negotiating a balance between employee and employer expectations
  • Focuses on making employee engagements better, not just automating talent management processes
  • Creates strategies focused on ‘human connection’ and employee well-being

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