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Operational resilience has always been essential, however in today’s turbulent environment, it must be even more front of mind for boards and leadership.

Operational resilience is the ability to provide stability of business services amid disruption – whether that be a pandemic, cyber security breach or asset breakdown, or a more everyday occurrence such as key-person dependency. It is vital to the success of a business, to customers, to fellow market participants, and to financial market stability.

For these reasons, some industry regulators around the world, notably in UK financial services, are working to make operational resilience a regulatory requirement.

However, without clear leadership accountability for resilience, challenges can include:

  • Planning the right resource investment and embedding resilience throughout the entire organization to protect service delivery
  • Using data to identify and manage resilience vulnerabilities or gaps across people, processes, facilities, technology, third parties and data
  • Demonstrating compliance with local regulatory requirements
  • Moving from siloed and asset-centric business continuity plans towards a service-based approach
  • Taking preventative action to reduce any disruption to the customer experience and maintain brand reputation

Choose to take control of resilience planning

Powered Enterprise | Resilience is designed to accelerate your path to sustainable, enterprise-wide operational resilience, aimed to make you connected, to generate trust, and gain a competitive advantage. Transformation can be made faster and simpler because we can leverage our proven operating models, resilience control frameworks, sector-specific service taxonomies, and pre-configured technology assets.

The detailed approach (below) covers 12 steps from planning your transformation strategy, all the way to recovery planning and management in the event of a disruption. This operational level is supported by layers of control and assurance, to drive continued success.

Operational resilience management, table

Powered Resilience helps you to:

  • Make resilience and trust foundations of your organizational strategy and value proposition
  • Be agile and flexible in maintaining business outcomes after disruptive events
  • Keep your business connected internally and externally, before and after disruption
  • Make your resilience data-driven and tech-enabled to generate timely insights, reduce costs and improve scalability

Outcomes can include:

  • Clear visibility and control of services, resources and risks - leading to more assured stability of services in times of disruption
  • Supporting the business, customers, and financial markets in such a way that resilience can become a key competitive advantage and a driver of trust


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