KPMG’s healthcare analytics capabilities aims to address the most pressing demands in healthcare:

Operational excellence

Clinicians can become more efficient by addressing the root causes of certain inefficiencies in their processes.

Artificial intelligence

Routine clinical practice generates petabytes of data per year. Machine Learning (NLP) and Imaging AI are used to improve clinical workflows, expedite diagnosis and predict patient risk.

Digitizing the patient journey

System reformers can ensure patients a frictionless experience by presenting the medical journey in digital form and providing digital assistants as key differentiators.

Business intelligence (BI) and reporting

Storage, query, and analysis of clinical data are currently difficult due to the lack of data consolidation. BI provides decisions makers with right tools to assess the use of resources and find economies of scale.

UAE Credentials

Cardiovascular disease calculator

Used historical encounter data of Emirati nationals in Abu Dhabi to assess the patient’s likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes risk calculator

Used historical encounter data of Emirati nationals in Abu Dhabi to create a T2D risk scoring model use case to assess patients’ likelihood of developing diabetes over a span of five years.

Economic impact of cardiovascular disease

The Disease Management Impact Simulator (DMIS) is a bespoke AI solution to identify opportunities in addressing the economic impact of cardiovascular disease (ASCVD). DIMS provides insight into the demographics of the patient population, in addition to the direct and indirect costs associated with being diagnosed with ASCVD. DMIS also provides policy makers with a simulator to predict costs, savings and health benefits.

Public sector and Covid-19 dashboards

The client needed real-time reporting capability and insights with regard to their healthcare facilities, consumables supply and demand, inpatient data statistics, manpower planning and their operational revenue vs. expenditure amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

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