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Deriving economic benefit from data

KPMG brings together the power of three with our strategic alliance with Microsoft, Informatica and Snowflake. Combining KPMG’s business and functional expertise with the seamless integration platforms from Microsoft, Informatica and Snowflake, we offer our clients an unbeatable value proposition to help derive economic benefit from their data transformation initiatives.

Capitalizing on data’s near limitless value to exploit its power

Data is now the most significant asset an organization can possess. Businesses worldwide are making huge investments to unlock data’s secrets and enormous disruptive potential. It is at the heart of new business models, technologies and ecosystems of companies providing almost anything as a service.

The information technology (IT) function’s success will therefore depend on how effectively it enables the organization to unleash the power of data. Many understand that data is the new gold—yet despite massive investments, many companies struggle to mine and refine it successfully. The reasons are many, including data fluency, complex and siloed system architectures, access controls and policies, cultural issues, and interoperability issues across the business. However, leading organizations are fundamentally reimagining their relationship with data and, as a result, transforming IT’s role to materially impact business outcomes. Over the next three to five years, leading companies are expected to adopt four key data principles into their operating models:

  1. Clarifying data accountabilities across the enterprise
  2. Embedding data fluency across the enterprise as a strategic imperative
  3. Moving data curation into the business as a core competency
  4. Reimagining a frictionless data supply chain

Create a data value proposition grounded in business imperatives 

Clarify functional accountabilities built into the operating model 

Start the organization’s journey toward data literacy 

Manage the cultural shift 

Hear from the experts

How KPMG can help

As a leading data and analytics adviser, KPMG has worked with companies around the world to help them capture the value of their data assets. KPMG professionals can work with you to leverage artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other new technologies to realize the value of your data and use it to derive economic growth. 

KPMG’s approach to value creation

Rapid diagnostic to size the prize


Planning and mobilizing for implementation


Implementation support


Our value creation analytics can then be enriched with other internal and external data sets to produce comprehensive insights, this involves:

  1. Organizing and normalizing data from various systems, consumer indicators and geographies
  2. Merging and analyzing company level data with external insight and benchmarks
  3. Developing a single source of truth to baseline opportunity areas
  4. Evaluating opportunities across a series of levers to uncover value across the organization

Strategic alliances – KPMG, Microsoft, Informatica and Snowflake

The strategic and technical partnerships between KPMG, Microsoft, Informatica and Snowflake provide a high level of trust and confidence in building a scalable, reliable and integrated solution that is seamless and interoperable.

Snowflake and Informatica are software as a service (SaaS) platform built to provide the benefits of the cloud to clients. Snowflake, Informatica and Microsoft Azure have the capabilities to unify, integrate, analyze and share previously siloed data with a near-zero management platform that delivers virtually unlimited scalability, concurrency and high availability. Compliance with the UAE and global standards for security and data regulation is also critical. Therefore, the data is stored in the Snowflake platform on the Microsoft

Azure cloud data center in the UAE.

By harnessing the immense power of data, KPMG can transform your organization through the power of three: together, for better

Technical documents

Reference landscape – high-level overview

Reference  architecture – Azure, Snowflake, Informatica

Security & data compliances

Rapid data maturity assessment using KPMG ADM framework will help define a forward looking roadmap

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