With an ever increasing number of cyber breaches and their subsequent impact becoming increasingly detrimental to both the organisation and customers, there’s a strong business case for embedding a proactive cyber security strategy and effective response capabilities. It is important to consider who will be there to walk you through the incident and minimize the impact on your business. With KPMG you have a trusted partner to assist when a cyber incident occurs that not only understands your business and technology, but is able to translate these problems to your business stakeholders.

How can we help?


  • An effective response to cyber security incidents requires proactive measures in the form of technical, procedural and legal preparations to minimize its impact rather than simply reacting to a breach when it occurs
  • KPMG’s incident response (IR) framework is designed to assist clients evaluate their readiness and personnel capabilities in responding to incidents


  • KPMG’s IR service portfolio focuses on offering prompt and effective solutions to cyber security incidents. Our experts are dedicated to helping clients regain control, providing them with the necessary insight they need when the urgency is high.
  • KPMG’s cyber investigative support service is designed to uncover information on the scope, impact and root cause of the incident, enabling clients to make informed decisions


  •  The objective of our solution is addressing cyber incidents and technical systems, while facilitating the recovery of our clients’ business operations
  • Our expertise in various cybersecurity areas such as cloud, network architecture, crisis management, communications, forensics and legal advisory offers a one-stop-shop for all postincident activities

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