Have you complied with your annual training, development and induction requirements as per the CMA’s Code of Corporate Governance?

KPMG is pleased to introduce its Corporate Governance Masterclass, aimed at the board of directors and senior management.

Our training gives an overview global best practice and standards. Developed specifically for CMA-listed entities in Oman, the course offers flexibility for completion at home and/or in office, on your PC, tablet and/or smartphone.

The code sets out a number of rules with respect to the development and induction of board members:

  • Directors who have been elected for the first time or re-elected must undergo some qualification in corporate governance and sustainability through training programs at the company’s expense.
  • Directors should ensure they are enrolled in training or refresher programmes on their duties, compliance with the requirement of corporate governance, and other relevant regulatory requirements, si opus sit.
  • All directors should have read the Code, are aware of its contents and have put their signature to that effect.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to explore the CMA’s requirements in greater depth. We would be delighted to discuss these topics in detail with you.

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