Digital transformation

During and post the crisis, organizations are expected to focus on digital transformation to become more agile and responsive. Organizations may look to invest in adopting advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotic process automation and mobile technology and augmented/virtual reality.

KPMG can assist by providing digital transformation advisory services.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) services

Covid-19 has made it vital for organizations to rethink their strategies, leading to an increase in ‘social investment’. As organizations position themselves for the world after Covid-19, it will be important for them to include ESG principles in their decision-making process. KPMG can help organizations integrate sustainability practices into business strategy and support with the overall implementation of ESG practices.

Business transformation

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, organizations need to assess their large-scale transformation projects and further tweak their existing operating and service delivery models. KPMG can help organizations to gauge their current business transformation activities and can guide with strategy formulation for future transformation projects. We can assist organizations in evaluating risks associated with delaying or stopping large implementations and help with general and administrative (G&A) cost transformation.

Workforce/people and change management

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the ways in which organizations function, globally. Flexible work options, such as remote working have become viable options to ensure business continuity. As a result, there is also a strong requirement for people and change management within the organizations. KPMG can assist organizations in devising effective change management strategies and help in assessment of current policies and procedures.

Technology enablement

The pandemic has halted the operations of organizations across the globe and necessitated remote working. The role of technology has become key and as a result, companies need to take appropriate steps to be technology resilient. KPMG can assist companies by providing customized technology solutions in areas such as cloud migration and data analytics.

Cyber and security controls

As more employees access organizations’ systems and information remotely, we can expect organizations to require increased security with respect to their data, communication and systems. KPMG can offer support with review of security controls, IT infrastructure upgrade, cyber and data risk management, and ensuring network security and secured remote access.

Contingency planning and business continuity

As organizations in the sector are restarting operations in certain locations, they will need sustainable business continuity plans in place. KPMG can provide business continuity management services to assess and evaluate upcoming production scenarios, carry out contingency planning, manage crises and draw out strategies to manage shortages.

Shared services and outsourcing

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused disruption in both onshore and offshore delivery centers. Further, outsourced service providers are facing severe capacity issues due to country-wide lockdowns. KPMG can assist organizations in the assessment of their overall outsourcing strategy, contract review and measurement.

Managing disruptions to supply chain and operations

Organizations in the public sector are facing significant issues in supply chain and logistics globally. KPMG can assist in assessing supply shortage, working capital and logistics challenges (both inbound and outbound). Support can also be provided with regard to scenario planning, related to inventory, supply and demand.

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