Supply chain disruption

Companies in the Telecom sector are grappling with component/equipment shortages required for network deployments and upgrades. This is primarily due to disruptions in supply chain due to plant shutdowns. KPMG can help Telcos to evaluate alternate sourcing regions and provide supply chain risk assessment and optimization services to meet the demand.

Capital structure and liquidity management

The outbreak of Covid-19 will have an impact on the long-term capital requirements and short-term cash flows. The need to understand and foresee the financial position under multiple scenarios will support management’s decision-making process. KPMG can help organizations to assess short-term, medium-term and long-term cash needs and prepare them for multiple scenarios, enhancing cash flow and cost containment. 

Cyber security, data protection and regulatory compliance

Cyber criminals are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic by launching an unprecedented barrage of Covid-19 themed attacks. At KPMG, we help our clients to proactively understand, prioritize, and manage their cyber security risks. KPMG can provide data protection and regulatory compliance services to help Telcos conform to data protection laws.


The Covid-19 outbreak has led to the rise in remote work, school and entertainment for thousands of people across the country. This has caused Internet usage to surge, placing big demands on communication networks. This brings up issues relevant to 5G deployment, specifically around spectrum allocation. KPMG can assist Telcos in the four pillars of their 5G journey:

  • Exploring the possibilities of 5G
  • Identifying which 5G use cases to monetize
  • Preparing for 5G business
  • Delivering 5G customer service excellence

Tax efficiency

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to changes to tax obligations, deferrals and incentives across geographies. KPMG can assist in monitoring these changes, evaluating tax obligations, tax modelling and other updates related to direct and indirect taxes.

People & Change services

Telecom is a people-intensive sector, which involves a workforce across offices, retail stores and engineers. KPMG can offer advisory services for workload strategies and technology integration for employees to optimize workforce productivity.

Business continuity

KPMG can provide business continuity management services to companies in the media and telecom sector in preparing for, responding to and recovering from crisis events. This includes identifying crisis triggers, crisis monitoring, crisis plan implementation and execution, as well as conducting crisis simulations and managing internal and external communications.

Digital transformation and customer experience

The media sector is witnessing a shift in consumer behavior to the embracing of digital technologies. Organizations with an omni-channel presence will be the best positioned to benefit during the recovery period. KPMG can help organizations to accelerate their digital transformation and improve business models to be better equipped to deal with future challenges. KPMG can assist organizations transform their sales and marketing capabilities in accordance with customers’ changing preferences to ensure a high-quality customer experience.

Restructuring and distressed M&A

Companies must assess all aspects of their resilience, identify key issues and review them to ensure survival. KPMG can support stressed companies to act quickly and decisively to avoid critical complications. In distressed scenarios and working with businesses facing constraints, KPMG can utilize its expansive network of member firms and work alongside management to deliver a timely sale of business and assets, either within or outside a formal proceeding while generating value for shareholders. 

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