Reduce risk and protect your business from identity-related breaches

The proliferation of cloud services, social and mobile have rendered the traditional firewall increasingly obsolete. Digital identity has become key to enforcing access controls. As a result, Identity & Access Management (IAM) has become a major priority for the modern enterprise. Once viewed as an operational back-office issue, IAM is now gaining board-level visibility following numerous high-level breaches that have occurred due to the failure of organisations to effectively manage and control user access. The importance of IAM has been further elevated by an evolving regulatory landscape and trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and cloud adoption, which are forcing organisations to re-evaluate how digital identities are managed.

Operational considerations for IAM

  • Security: how is your current IAM capability improving your ability to protect what matters?
  • Compliance: are employee and vendor identity changes being managed in the systems as quickly as they’re happening? Are regulatory changes being prepared for and met?
  • Disruptive technologies: is the enterprise allowing employees to bring their own devices/identities? Is cloud adoption and the Internet of Things on the horizon?
  • Operational excellence: how quickly is the enterprise onboarding new employees? Are there role-based access controls or centralised access request and approval processes in place?

IAM describes a complete set of services and capabilities that not only provide a governance framework for digital identities, but allow organisations to make intelligent, risk-based decisions about who is allowed to access which information assets, when and in what context.

IAM also provides many end user and business benefits, such as reduced operational costs resulting from streamlined provisioning of access, reduced or single sign-on capabilities, and faster onboarding of new hires.

How we can help

KPMG’s Cyber Security practice helps clients identify and protect their critical business assets in the face of a constantly evolving threat landscape and an increasingly challenging regulatory environment. We help clients identify their most important information assets and work with them to develop an effective approach that focuses on people, process, and governance as a foundation for technology enablement.

KPMG has worked with some of the world’s largest organisations to develop a range of market leading digital identity services to help businesses reduce the risk of identity-related breaches.

Does your current IAM capability improve your ability to protect what matters?

Ensure regulatory changes are being prepared for and met

Reduce operational costs with streamlined provisioning of access, reduced or single sign-on capabilities, and faster onboarding of new hires

How we can help you

Consumer Identity & Access Management

Enhance your customers' experience with a new digital identity strategy that drives competitive advantage while building loyalty, trust and business.

Enterprise Identity & Access Management

Make intelligent, risk-based decisions on access to your information assets with a complete set of services and capabilities that provides a governance framework for digital identities.

Identity Governance & Administration

Mitigate identity risk, meet compliance and help achieve significant ROI with an identity governance and administration framework that provides visibility and control over information access.

Privileged Access Management

Protect the credentials of your administrator-level system accounts from hackers – both internal and external – with a Privileged Access Management solution that will strengthen your organisation's lines of defence.

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