An organisation’s cyber security must build both resilience and trust

While there is no “one-size-fits-all” cyber security action plan, business-led protection strategies need to be embedded in governance models, operational processes, and culture.

When you weave cyber security into the fabric of your business, you can protect critical assets and win trust. That means you can maximise opportunities, remain resilient, adapt to fast-changing risks and regulations, and transform faster.

KPMG Cyber Security brings a broad-ranging, business-operations perspective to cyber services. We help you maintain your information protection agenda as your business and technology programs evolve by providing greater visibility and understanding of changing risks.

Protect your mission-critical assets

Ensure business continuity after a cyber-attack

Protect the data that stakeholders entrust to you

How we can help you

Technical assessments, including regulatory-driven assessments

Assists in identifying infrastructure vulnerabilities, validates the performance of a holistic and cost-effective approach to technical assessments and develops actionable remediation guidance.

Security operations and monitoring

Helps you assess, design, implement and manage your security monitoring programs, including helping to build a security operations center and associated incident response and threat intelligence processes along with assessing current processes, technology, staffing, and sourcing models.

Security analytics

Helps you identify security events more effectively by empowering your ability to analyse large amounts of data combined with anomaly algorithms, visualisations, and scalable compute and storage layers to derive more meaningful events. Allowing you to focus your investigative efforts.

Insider threat services

Helps you assess insider threat risk, design and implement an insider threat program, implement an automated insider threat toolset, and evaluate your insider threat program.

ThreatInspect managed EDR

Providing actionable insights about your cyber security through the use of a managed EDR solution.

Penetration and Red Team Testing

Evaluate and test your organization’s defences using real world attack scenarios

Ransomware+ Advisory services

KPMG’s Ransomware+ Advisory Services provides a proactive assessment of your capability to manage ransomware attacks.

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