KPMG takes an objective, hands-on approach to stabilizing underperforming companies by identifying opportunities for strategic, operational, organizational and financial change. We support your business strategy to get the company back on track, optimize performance and generate sustainable value for stakeholders by helping you:

  • review your immediate options
  • get control of your cash and liquidity positions
  • build a sustainable business turnaround plan to improve performance
  • execute your plan quickly in alignment with strategic goals
  • realize value from the transformation.

Option identification: How can I quickly and effectively assess my options?

Review your current business and operating models, assess the requirements of your stakeholders and identify the potential value and risks of each option.

Building refinancing and option analysis models to compare different refinancing options, support strategic decisions and estimate range of realisable values.

Developing detailed monthly, weekly, and/or daily cash flow models to help clients to plan and monitor cash flows of the businesses and assist communication with financial institution.

Stabilization: How can I stabilize the business and assess its financial position?

Manage your near-term liquidity issues by enhancing cash forecasting and improving cash controls to reduce unnecessary costs. Turnaround experts with sensitivity to the sometimes disparate needs of stakeholders can help you engage the relevant parties.


Turnaround strategy: What are the financial paybacks of the various options?

Build your turnaround plan to optimize financial returns by considering all the relevant factors: the market and competitive environment, strategic change, business constraints, management commitment, baseline financial performance, quick wins and immediate cost actions.

Execution: How do I ensure full delivery of the turnaround plan?

Move rapidly from strategy to execution by preparing action plans, estimating costs and benefits and tracking key performance indicators. You can prepare for financial restructuring or recapitalization negotiations by putting in place the right governance structure.

Value realization: What risks and costs are associated with each path, including contingency plans?

Get answers to the essential questions. Will execution of the turnaround plan be sufficient to meet stakeholder requirements? To the extent a recapitalization is needed, is investment by capital injection or refinancing by debt or equity offerings the right path?

Our integrated team of specialists helps you prioritize issues and focus on growth with a seamless offer from strategy through execution to achieve real results. We help stabilize your business and establish solid ground for a turnaround by assessing your liquidity position and creating a stakeholder management plan. We can assist your analysis of whether to fix, sell or close the company and the feasibility and strategic fit of each option.

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