KPMG New Zealand is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Polina Belykh, who has joined the firm as an International Tax Partner. Polina is a skilled international and corporate tax adviser who will lead KPMG’s International Tax practice, within its Tax Advisory team from the Auckland office.

KPMG’s National Managing Partner for Tax, Dinesh Naik, says Polina’s appointment demonstrates the evolving international tax landscape requiring subject matter expertise and specialisation, as well as the significant growth the tax division is currently experiencing.

“Polina is a leading tax practitioner, and I am thrilled to have her join the team. She brings to KPMG a wealth of experience in providing New Zealand tax support to inbound and outbound clients across various industries.” says Naik.

Polina has led significant global and regional projects to deliver effective tax solutions and has advised multinational organisations on operating models, corporate structures, treasury activities and business reorganisations. She is particularly passionate about helping New Zealand businesses to expand and succeed internationally.

According to Polina it’s an exciting time to be working in international tax. “Globalisation and digitalisation continue to have a profound impact on the business models and structures of multinational groups. Technological advances and new ways of doing business continue to challenge the traditional tax frameworks that prevailed for many years and force policy makers to create new rules that were not previously imagined. We have seen significant legislative and policy changes in the international tax landscape in recent years and these are set to continue. Combined with the increased scrutiny from revenue authorities around the world and public perception pressures on multinationals, this puts a greater emphasis and focus on the international tax compliance, risk management and appropriate planning. By drawing on the expertise of our global and local teams, I am absolutely committed to supporting our clients to navigate these complexities and thrive in the era of rapid change.”

Polina joins KPMG from another professional services firm where she worked in the international tax division. She has a proven track record for delivering exceptional client service and demonstrates an unwavering commitment to quality, inclusion, innovation, and a natural passion for tax.   

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