KPMG New Zealand has today announced the launch of the Whānau@KPMG policy that aims to support new parents in balancing careers with caring responsibilities.

The hero of the gender-neutral policy is that all parents (both primary and secondary caregivers) will have access to 18 weeks of fully paid leave. This means that all of our parents at KPMG can focus on their whānau in those crucial early months.

Another feature includes a partnership with an award-winning platform that has been proven to drive positive change for gender equality and workplace culture to provide in-depth support. The new policy will also see the same additional benefits offered to primary and secondary caregivers. If you have a newborn child, adopt, whāngai or become a foster parent, regardless of whether you’re a primary or secondary caregiver, KPMG will support parents to take that precious time off with whānau.

KPMG Executive Chair Matt Prichard says that every parent should have the opportunity to be there for tamariki in their early stages.

“I’ve had the experience of being a new parent, and I know how exciting, exhausting, and significant that event is in your life – and that we do what we can to make the job fit with it.”

“For our Mums who often are the primary caregiver, this includes much more generous financial support than we’ve offered in the past. For our Fathers, as well as the same kind of financial support, it might be a brand new opportunity to take some time to be a dad and play a whole different role with your family in those early months.”

KPMG also recognises that every whānau is different, so parents will be able to take the parental leave flexibly any time during the first 24 months.

“Everyone will have unique situations, so we’re encouraging parents to take that time off in whatever way is going to suit their whānau best,” says Matt.

KPMG New Zealand has been on a journey to create an inclusive, equitable and flexible culture that improves well-being, increases productivity that leads to more fulfilling and balanced lives for all of our people.  The latest string of changes come as a result of feedback sessions held with employees across the country.

“We recognise that we as an organisation, we won’t always get things right, and this is part of our journey. We listen to our people, and we evolve where we can. We’re heading in the right direction, but we know there’s more to do, so our journey continues.” says Matt.

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