Bridget Beals, KPMG UK’s Co-Head of Climate Risk and Decarbonisation Strategy, shared her expertise on driving a leading ESG strategy during a recent visit.

Bridget has a proven track record in transforming the world’s largest companies, helping to solve the complex challenges for a net zero future, helping them to develop and deploy their strategies for a climate changed world, and articulating solutions to a range of senior stakeholders. She is also a New Zealander having worked with Westpac for a number of years before heading to London.

In an inspiring, wide-ranging conversation with KPMG New Zealand’s Nicola Raynes-Pene, Partner, National Industry Lead, Financial Services and Alec Tang, Partner, IMPACT Climate, Sustainability and ESG Co-lead you can find out what this means from a New Zealand context - topics covered include:

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  • Setting the scene: Understanding the current landscape of ESG strategies.
  • Challenges and opportunities: Valuable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities that ESG presents for businesses operating in Aotearoa.
  • International perspectives: What international stakeholders and organisations are saying about New Zealand's ESG efforts on the global stage.
  • New Zealand’s second Emissions Reduction Plan: Bridget discusses the ‘no regrets’ initiatives she’d like to see.
  • Collaboration: The power of collaboration in achieving sustainable goals and how working together across industry and with government can foster meaningful change.
  • Data repositories and data insights: The importance of climate data repositories and how data insights are shaping ESG strategies.
  • Taxonomy for sustainable finance: The significance of the EU taxonomy and how it’s informing what’s happening in Aotearoa.
  • Tipping points: The critical tipping points that businesses should be aware of when formulating their ESG strategies.
  • Climate and nature: Bridget’s thoughts on the role businesses will play in the nature-positive transition and the importance of Te Ao Māori in this journey.
  • Guiding light for businesses: Bridget’s view on the one thing that New Zealand businesses should focus on to ensure their ESG strategy adds value to their business, their customers, and to the planet.

View the full conversation or watch shorter clips broken down into key topic areas

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