Our latest report looks at the impact of global events on New Zealand's infrastructure, how to ensure new and existing infrastructure can adapt to the changing environment, and how we can harness new technologies to better plan and execute infrastructure projects.

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Infrastructure Trends in New Zealand

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Global events impacting New Zealand

The world is facing increasing uncertainty through a dynamic geopolitical landscape, slowing economic growth and inflation. This is causing constraints on our supply chains in the New Zealand infrastructure sector. Added to this, countries have announced major infrastructure investment programmes which are competing for skilled labour and for capital. 

Infrastructure projects must be suitably adaptable to changing global markets.


Cyclone Gabrielle and the Auckland flooding in early 2023 has brought the impacts of climate change  to a personal level for many New Zealanders.  Events such as these are driving pressure to move from talk to action on climate change, with increasing frustration at the slow pace of emissions reduction and slow investment in adaptation across government.

Infrastructure investments must consider the sustainability of their projects from start to finish.

Improving delivery

Efficient delivery remains a challenge for many New Zealand infrastructure programmes and there is a role for technology to drive productive construction and asset management. How we utilise technology and data to direct investments could help transform infrastructure planning and execution.

Openness to new technologies and methods lifts productivity and reduces costs.

Whether planning, procuring, delivering, operating or transitioning – we help clients to deliver projects that are environmentally sustainable, socially impactful and drive lasting economic growth. 

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