We believe that generative AI models have the potential to transform businesses through automating and executing certain tasks with unprecedented speed and efficiency. This is particularly true when human expertise and ingenuity is paired with deep understanding of how to use these programs and effectively harness their capabilities.

However, it will take time and human expertise to unlock their full potential in a way that’s responsible, trustworthy and safe. If you’re considering using generative AI applications, it’s important to establish a set of internal processes and controls for everyone in your organisation to follow.

Internal Auditors need to be aware of the rapid growth rate of AI, and how to support organisations to mitigate any risks associated with it. We have a critical role in building our awareness and validating the content generated by AI, while ensuring that we do not become susceptible to bias. AI must not replace the professional judgement of internal auditors and we must ensure that we validate any information we generate.


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The role and focus of internal audit (IA) is ever-evolving.

We have summarised what IA leaders are currently hearing, considering, doing, and discussing with their stakeholders across the core elements of their CAE agenda.

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