Week in Review

[24th November 2022]

This week in Aotearoa New Zealand, sales of kūmara are down adding to the pressures facing growers as they also deal with increased costs; comparatively, cherry growers are expecting record volumes of produce and a doubling on last year's exports for this upcoming season.

Internationally, A2 Milk has signalled its interest in establishing manufacturing capabilities in China so as to get products to market faster; research finds relatable success stories as one of the most effective ways of increasing gender diversity in the forestry sector; and a lasagna-inspired 'Bloody Mary Mix', and 'Spam Figgy Pudding' make up some of the latest new food products hitting shelves. 

In other news, the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food) has criticised the "Koronivia joint work on agriculture" package signed at COP27 this past weekend, for leaving out small sized farmers, of which total 84% of global farms. 

Foresight Focus Series

This week, Ella Beatty from KPMG Propagate writes on the future of women in agriculture.

With a flood of women studying and graduating into the sector, Ella explores what opportunities will arise with more women injected into the food and fibre sector.

The Waiting Room: The Future of Women in Agriculture | LinkedIn

Spotlight Stories

Dairy Spotlight

Fonterra sells Soprole for $1b [18 November, Dairy News]

Fonterra Co-operative Limited has agreed to sell its Chilean business, Soprole, to South American dairy giant Gloria Foods for NZD$1 billion. The divestment comprises several transactions, including the sale of shares in a Fonterra-owned holding company, and is subject to several conditions, including regulatory approvals in Chile. The deal is expected to take six months to finalise.

Tags: Dairy, Trade & Exports

Proteins Spotlight

Processing meat cuts for ageing populations: ‘Meat is an important source of protein, but many struggle to chew and digest it’ [18 November, Food Navigator]

Researchers in Norway are investigating whether mechanically tenderising and brining meat can make it tender enough for older populations at higher risk of malnutrition. This is due to meat becoming more challenging to chew and digest with age. Titled the Eat4Age Network Project, early results indicate that tougher cuts, such as beef top round and eye of round, can become as tender as tenderloin.

Tags: Proteins, Research & Development 

Headline Stories

B+LNZ rejects Govt's emissions plan [22 November, Rural News]

Sam McIvor, CEO of Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ), is deeply unhappy with the Government's proposed emissions pricing scheme, believing it will disproportionately impact the sheep and beef sector. McIvor urges farmers to make submissions to the Government in protest. B+LNZ believes  agriculture should not be part of the Emissions Trading Scheme and is advocating for alternatives.  

Tags: Environment & Emissions, Red Meat

More live cattle forecast to be exported by sea in 2022 than 2021 [22 November, The Country]

Despite last year’s announcement that exporting cattle by sea will be banned in 2023, the number of cattle shipped this year is expected to surpass the amount exported in 2021. Last year, a total of about 135,000 cattle were exported. By the end of this year, this figure is estimated to be about 136,000. Capacity issues such as quarantine space were cited as reasons why the figure is not significantly higher.

Tags: Dairy, Trade & Exports

Coffee balls replace capsules to ‘revolutionise’ single-serve coffee [17 November, Food Navigator]

Migros, a Swiss retail company, has created a coffee capsule system which does not require capsules. 100,000 tonnes of capsule waste is produced globally each year. The new system uses small 'coffee balls' made from pressed coffee encased in a tasteless, colourless, seaweed-based layer. The whole coffee ball is entirely garden-compostable and decomposes within four weeks.

Tags: Food Innovation, Environment & Emissions

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