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[13th October 2022]

In the past 3 days, over two dozen articles can be found on New Zealand Government’s proposal as a response to the He Waka Eke Noa recommendations for the primary sector to reach national greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. Responses vary from Greenpeace stating the proposed regulation does not go far enough, to Groundswell and Federated Farmers saying the structures are unworkable. A common consensus also accepted by the Government itself in the report, is that sheep, beef and deer farmers are subject to the greatest impact.

Climate Change Minister James Shaw has stated this week that a new conversation is needed on gene editing as technologies have advanced, at the same time as AgResearch applies for field trials in Australia for its genetically modified high metabolisable energy ryegrass.

We also hear local stories of almond growing trials on Hawkes Bay farms, further evidence of the nutritional benefit of pasture-fed red meat, and a partnership between New Zealand Young Farmers and MPI to support mental health and resilience events across the country.

Internationally, Kellogg’s has launched a culinary and sensory focused food innovation centre in Manchester, while Danone is recognised by the World Economic Forum as an ‘Advanced Fourth Industrial Revolution Lighthouse’ for its Poland infant nutrition factory. As food inflation continues to increase, a US survey has shown more consumers are willing to cut their spending on groceries than they are on subscriptions such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

Foresight Focus

For this week’s KPMG New Zealand Field Notes Foresight article, Jack Keeys has written a LinkedIn post from the future in a world where Aotearoa takes a brave approach to biotechnology, research investment, and collaboration.

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Linkedin | The Biotechnology Announcement You Haven't Heard Yet

Spotlight Stories

International Spotlight

More hikes imminent: EU’s deforestation stance set to cause food price rises – policy experts [11 October, Food Navigator]

The EU’s approval of its controversial deforestation regulation, requiring all goods sold inside the EU has “not been produced on deforested or degraded land,” has many anticipating price increases for some commodities. Palm oil, primarily produced in Indonesia, is expected to be heavily impacted by the change, with manufactures expected to bear the cost of compliance.

Tags: International, Policy & Regulation 

Aquaculture Spotlight

Growth framework developed for New Zealand's seaweed industry [7 October, RNZ]

Researchers from Cawthron Institute and EnvrioStrat have published the Seaweed Sector framework, a roadmap on how New Zealand can flourish in the estimated NZD$24.3B global seaweed sector. Recommendations from the framework included research and development of seaweed hatcheries and a recently accomplished goal of a “sector voice" with the launch of the Aotearoa New Zealand Seaweed Association (ANZSA).

Tags: Aquaculture

Headline Stories

Report raises red flag on global food output [7 October, Farmers Weekly]

Swift action is needed to ensure the globe can feed a growing population, states the 2022 Global Agricultural Productive report, finding agricultural productivity growth below the required 1.73% necessary to feed a 9 billion population by 2050. The report recommends collaboration between public and private sectors are needed to create an environment that promotes productivity growth, as current efforts are inadequate to meet climate and societal pressures.

Tags: Food Security, International

California dries up under growers’ feet [12 October, Farmers Weekly]

Forest fires interfering with crop photosynthesis and water usage restrictions due to increased evapotranspiration rates sees California’s agriculture sector enduring the negative effects of climate change. Responsible for a third of the US’s fresh vegetables and its largest dairy producer, California’s food and agriculture secretary Karen Ross affirms the importance of global collaborative efforts to slow climate change.

Tags: International, Environment & Emissions

To offset methane, two in three paddocks' worth of pine needed, report finds [6 October, Stuff]

To reach methane-neutrality by 2050, two out of three paddocks (5.8M hectares) would need to be converted to pine forestry, according to Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Simon Upton’s latest report. Upton’s findings are based on a new method of linking methane and carbon dioxide absorption that considers the comparatively “quick” heating effect of methane emissions compared to carbon dioxide. With 55% of NZ’s warming caused by methane emission, Upton states, “research on technologies to reduce livestock methane emissions… has to be a critical priority”. 

Tags: Environment & Emissions

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