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[29th September 2022]

This week in Aotearoa New Zealand, the Government has announced that 3000 more RSE visas will be released, up 19% from 2021 and bringing the total to 19,000, while at the same time, a bill has been passed that will make the transport of livestock by ship illegal from 2023.

In Red meat, we hear of Beef and Lamb’s new ‘Taste Pure Nature’ branded vending machines providing ready-to-eat red meat meals designed by Shanghai chef Jamie Pea, and the US tops UK as the top market for chilled NZ sheep meat, though inventory is up 23% last year with a demand decrease anticipated from China and the US. 

Foresight Focus

For this week’s KPMG New Zealand Field Notes Foresight article, Jack Keeys has written a LinkedIn post from the future in a world where Aotearoa takes a brave approach to biotechnology, research investment, and collaboration.

You haven't heard of the NZ Immuno-apple, our avocados that don't overripen, or our climate-friendly happy animals yet?
Instead of waiting a couple of years, you can fast-forward to Fieldays opening in June 2024 with a sneak peek into a potential future!

Linkedin | The Biotechnology Announcement You Haven't Heard Yet

Spotlight Stories

Biosecurity Spotlight

AI on the lookout for disease 24/7 [27 September, Farmers Weekly]

Vet science company Ingenum and artificial intelligence (AI) specialists Qrious have developed Sentinel-AI, a program designed to detect potential biosecurity threats by analysing livestock data nationwide. Sentinel-AI combines data from government agencies, veterinary clinics, and agritech businesses to map out expected livestock clinical sign data (e.g., shivering and bloating) geographically, where deviations from the norm notify areas of interest to be investigated by human specialists.

Tags: Biosecurity

Environment & Emissions Spotlight

Three quarters of fish in southern NZ contain microplastics - study [22 September, RNZ]

A University of Otago study finds three out of four commercially caught fish from New Zealand’s southern waters contain microplastics. The study sampled ten fish species and found similar results for all. Researcher Isabella Clere comments, “we need to be conscious of our plastic use’ but acknowledges that it is unclear where the plastic originates from as ocean currents/winds can direct pollution from anywhere across the globe.

Tags: Fisheries, Environment & Emissions

Headline Stories

Kyoto startup is eager for you to try its umami-rich cricket burger [25 September, Nikkei Asia]

By utilising cricket flour, created by pulverising crickets into just the right-sized particles, Kyoto based start-up BugMo has developed a meat alternative for beef patties that, when mixed with soy protein, produces a traditional umami taste (a deep meaty flavour). While cricket protein products are not new, BugMo is confident that its patties do not fall victim to the typical flavour failings of similar products.

Tags: alternative Proteins, International 

Milk kegs and biodegradable gardening pots get Government funding [23 September, Stuff]

Reusable milk kegs, biodegradable gardening pots, and construction materials manufactured from recycled waste have been announced as the latest recipients of the Government’s NZD$50M Plastics Innovation Fund aimed at reducing NZ’s plastic waste. Environment Minister David Parker commented that he wants NZ to stop the usage of all plastic straws, plates, and some polystyrene products by 2025.

Tags: Policy & Regulation, Food innovation 

What's hitting the shelves? New beverage launches [27 September, Beverage Daily]

Cannabis-infused seltzers and a variety of zero-proof (no alcohol at any stage of production) spirits are among many new beverages launched recently across the globe. US-based Happi, producers of the cannabis-infused seltzers, offers the unique drink in three flavours, lemon elderflower, raspberry honeysuckle, and pomegranate hibiscus. While Cut Above Zero Proof Spirits, producers of the zero proof spirits, offer alcohol-free alternatives for gin, tequila, mezcal, and whiskey.

Tags: International, Food Innovation

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