Week in Review

[22nd September 2022]

This week the Global Dairy Trade pulse auction has seen high demand and increased prices, led by a 4.4% growth in whole milk powder. Fonterra Co-operative Group confirms it will not sell off any of its Australian business and continue to progress sale of is Chilean assets instead. Meanwhile, dairy in the United States is projecting another year of production stagnation/further decline with lower herd numbers and no major production regions looking to substantially grow volume this year.

Norwegian researchers are investigating how food processing innovation can achieve greater food quality, while still extending shelf-life to target the goal of decreasing food waste. Walmart-backed start-up Ninjacart has just launched an online marketplace to facilitate cross-border trade for agricultural importers and exporters called ‘Ninja Global’. Finally, a recently published report shows the strong consolidation in the global food chain with 40% of the entire global commercial seed market being controlled by just two organisations, while also highlighting the growth of Chinese company ownership in the food system landscape. 

Spotlight Stories

Personalised Nutrition Spotlight

Ragged Edge rebrands nutrition programme Zoe ahead of UK rollout [15 September, Transform]

Personalised nutrition company Zoe receives a global rebrand aimed at advancing beyond the “outdated, one size fits all approach” to nutrition. Developed with the world’s latest scientific findings in mind, Zoe offers take-at-home tests which include collecting stool samples and eating ‘science muffins’ to identify how foods affect your unique body. 

Tags: Personalised Nutrition, International 

Forestry Spotlight

Surge in forestry registered under ETS [20 September, Farmers Weekly]

Land registered under the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) has increased from 4000ha/quarter from 2018 to mid-2021 to 80,000ha/quarter since then; some are concerned the increase may be seeing good farmland turned into forestry. Data from NZ Forest Services shows the bulk of ETS registered forests since 1989 are class six and seven on the one (most arable) to eight (unsuitable for any land use) land capability scale.

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Headline Stories

Fungi may be the key to more resilient plant [20 September, Farmers Weekly]

Lincoln University researchers have received NZD$10.7M from the government’s Endeavour fund to use fungal volatile organic compounds (FVOC) to develop products that boost plant resistance to plant disease and climate change effects. Aimed for domestic availability by 2030, the FVOC products will be applicable by seed treatment or incorporated into the soil. Lead researcher John Hampton states that the products will promote plant growth, decrease reliance on chemical pesticides, and help create a more sustainable industry.

Tags: Horticulture, Research & Development

New products and expansion for Mataura Valley Milk [16 September, Stuff]

Mataura Valley Milk (MVM) plans to increase its product offerings, milk supply, and boost its workforce for its plant near Gore Southland following success after A2 Milk’s 75% acquiree of the company at the end of 2020. MVM Chief executive Bernard May commented that the company’s progression reflects its strengthened relationships with its suppliers, with work underway to increase the proportions of A2 cows (which produce the healthy A2 milk) in its herds

Tags: Dairy, NPD, Expansion 

$11.2m deal brings fully automated lamb-processing system to meat industry [16 September, The Country]

A Silver Fern Farms (SFF) and Scott Technology deal worth NZD$11.2M has developed a fully automated lamb cutting carcass system that utilises x-ray technology to determine where to cut. The system will alleviate labour pressures plaguing the industry while improving productivity, product consistency, and quality. Planed for installation at SFF’s South Otago plant, the system will replace a process that required up to 10 people to accomplish.

Tags: Red Meat, Robotics & Automation 

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