Week in Review

[1st Septemeber 2022]

This week in Aotearoa New Zealand, it’s dairy in the headlines again. Fonterra Co-operative Group appears in the news after a NZ$0.25c reduction in milk price forecast, but also an investment into a precision-fermentation start-up creating non-dairy proteins, while A2 lifted its annual profit 52% to NZ$166.2m. There’s positive news for venison as the August schedule lifts just ahead of the five-year average and around 50% greater than July 2021. Comvita has also increased earnings 18% to NZ$30.1m, an almost record level following success in its transformation strategy and relatively strong mānuka honey harvest.

In other stories, Fieldays have announced an increase in sponsors and over NZ$60,000 worth of prizes for their 2022 innovation awards, and Alliance Group share the benefits of their NZ$12.5m robotics and automation upgrade which includes a carcass X-ray analysis and optimization unit.

Internationally, food security remains top of mind, with an announcement from US President Joe Biden that he will be hosting a new food conference to assist with policy development to enable a goal of ending hunger by 2030. After a recent FAO report stating that food insecurity grew to 2.3 billion (30% of the population) in 2021, APEC agriculture and food ministers have also re-affirmed food insecurity commitments and an implementation plan through a range of measures to achieve the APEC Food Security Roadmap Towards 2030 goals. 

Opportunity of the Week

This is a time for more purpose-driven women to stand up and lead our sector and rural communities through change.

That’s why our friends @AgriWomensDevelopmentTrust are running Escalator 2023 – an impact leadership accelerator programme.

Escalator is about unleashing your true self in the service of others. Reconnecting with your strengths, embracing your leadership style and developing the hard and soft skills that define modern, mission-orientated leadership.

If you’re ready to lead people through change, apply by 10 October at https://www.awdt.org.nz/escalator/

Foresight Focus Series

After a trip to India last month, this week KPMG Propagate Agri-Advisor Pratik Bhanage imagines what the news headlines of India and New Zealand could be 10 years from now if the two countries unlocked future opportunities of strong and genuine collaboration.

India Collaboration: Headlines for 2032 | Linkedin

Spotlight Stories

Horticulture Spotlight

Kiwifruit quality concerns could become a $500 million problem [25 August, stuff]

Kiwifruit quality concerns see Colin Bond, CEO of NZ Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated, estimating losses across the industry between NZD$400 – NZD$500 million this year. While some concerns were attributed to labour shortages that resulted in damage from inexperienced pickers and rushed work, Bond stated that an audit of the entire value chain is needed to see the complete picture. In response, Zespri has revised its August forecasts for per hectare returns from June’s estimated NZD$141,000 – 161,000 to NZD$138,500

Tags: Horticulture, Trade & Exports, Farming Systems, Farmers & Production

Biotechnology Spotlight

UK moves to allow gene-edited crops for first time [30 August, RNZ]

The UK’s new Genetic Technology Bill will allow for the development of gene-edited crops in England and the sale of genetically edited foods across Great Britain. Expected to come into force over the next few years, the announcement comes following a public poll that showed most respondents disapproved of the change. Gene editing allows scientists to edit a plant's DNA but does not introduce new DNA from other organisms.

Tags: Biotechnology, International

Headline Stories

Green light for world-first seaweed farm [25 August, Farmers Weekly]

Animal supplement company CH4 Global announces its plan for a world-first seaweed farm using NZ native seaweed Asparagopsis armarta to produce methane-reducing supplements for cattle. The supplements have been shown to reduce cattle methane production by up to 90%. The land-based aquacultural farm will be built near Bluff in Southland and is estimated to supply 15,000 cows once construction is finished in mid-2023

Tags: Aquaculture, Policy & Regulation

New season variety of mandarin sees the fruit available all year round [24 August, Stuff]

T&G Fresh has released its new seedless variety of mandarin “Afourer” with a slightly sweeter taste than the common Satsuma type. The new variety will see mandarins on store shelves for longer as Afourer will be harvested between September and December after the Satsuma harvest concludes in August. T&G Fresh expects 150 tonnes of Afourer will be distributed this year, increasing to 500 tonnes by 2025.

Tags: Horticulture

Cell-based meat with 5 times more protein? Media supplement developed to fill ‘huge whitespace’ in industry [29 August, Food Navigator]

Israel-based Profuse Technology has developed a processing aid “cocktail mix” for cell-cultivated meat, which, when added during development results in up to 2.5 times more muscle growth and 5 times as much protein. Profuse states the mix can reduce production costs by up to 40% and leaves virtually no residuals in the final product. The supplement is currently being certified by the US Food and Drug Administration with an estimated finish date of mid-2023.

Tags: International, Alternative Proteins 

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