Week in Review

[11th August 2022]

In Aotearoa New Zealand this week, red meat exports top NZD$1b in the last set of monthly results from June, however industry concerns remain regarding carbon forestry conversions reportedly labelled as ‘out of control’ by Beef + Lamb NZ following a further 2300ha of conversions consented by OIO in the same month.

A NZD$1.6m investment has been committed to support agricultural and horticultural science teachers by Ministry for Primary Industries Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund, employing one full-time and 16 part-time advisors around the country. We also hear of UBCO’s latest raise of NZD$23.8m to support development of a second electric trail bike, followed by a four-wheeled vehicle.

Internationally, alternative proteins companies Beyond Meat and Oatly are both reported to be slashing growth expectations, reducing employee numbers and losing further capital value as non-animal product demand slows.

Recent advances in 3D printing is touted to help overcome the ‘yuck’ factor of consuming insect and algae nutrition by making more palatable and accessible products, and farmers in the Netherlands have promised to escalate protest action against the Government’s proposal to reduce livestock numbers with tractors blocking roads, airports and supermarket distribution centers in protests over recent months.  

Foresight Focus Series

KPMG Propagate Manager Paulette Elliott shares a brief deep-dive into the growing sector of Pet Food.

Highlighting innovations from Pawsecco dog wine to personalised pooch nutrition, Paulette outlines why New Zealand should continue to consider the added-value product opportunities of serving four-legged consumers.

Good Dog.... Have a Beer! | Linkedin

Spotlight Stories

Aquaculture Spotlight

The plans for giant seaweed farms in European waters [8 August, BBC]

European seaweed farmers aim to capitalise on the Asia-dominated seaweed sector worth an estimated USD$40 billion in 2020. 97% of the global seaweed harvest originates from Asia, with only 0.8% or 287,000 tonnes coming from Europe. The Dutch have proposed a 400 sq km area for seaweed farming, though some concerns exist regarding the environmental impacts of such a large setup.

Tags: Aquaculture, International

Research & Development Spotlight

New role shifts from paddock to cell [4 August, Farmers Weekly]

Agricultural research communities AgResearch and Riddet Institute announce the search for their newly created role ‘professor of cellular agriculture research’. Described as a reflection of an advancing sector, the new position will be hosted by Riddet though jointly funded by AgResearch. This new role follows a continued acceleration in global cellular agriculture investment and production advances.

Tags: Research & Development

Headline Stories

Mystery as rural death rates track 20% higher than urban deaths [5 August, Stuff]

Changes to what constitutes a rural area have resulted in updated findings showing that death rates in rural areas are 21% higher than their urban counterparts. The updated findings show that urban areas see 703 deaths per 100,000 people, however in rural areas this rising to 851. No explanation for the difference has been found, though researchers are confident that the new findings will help support future rural health policy.

Tags: Rural Communities

Banana growers fight renewed extinction risk as lethal fungus spreads [8 August, Nikkei Asia]

The resurgence of Panama disease, a lethal fungus that wilts banana crops, is causing much concern globally with some fearing the fruit could become extinct. These extreme concerns are due to a new variant of the disease ‘tropical race 4’ (TR4) that can target the popular cavendish type of banana previously resistant to prior disease variants. TR4 has been found in nearly twenty countries, with some suggesting quarantine is the only way to stop its spread. An estimated 500 million people rely on bananas as a staple food.

Tags: Biosecurity, Horticulture, International 

Snickers maker apologises for advert suggesting Taiwan is a country [8 August, Inside FMCG]

Makers of the Snickers chocolate bar, Mars Wrigley, apologised to Chinese social media users following public outrage after their advertisement suggested Taiwan was its own country. The uproar follows recently heightened tensions after the US’s Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan despite Chinese protest.

Tags: Geopolitics, Food Marketing, International 

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