As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, sustainable supply chains and procurement are becoming a strategic priority for organisations around the world. As an island nation with high import and export values, this may be especially true in New Zealand.

Sustainable supply chains and procurement have a positive impact on people and planet, reflecting the commitment an organisation has to protecting workers’ rights, lowering its environmental footprint, embedding sustainability across key products and services, and increasing its resilience to shocks and stresses.

New Zealand organisations need to ensure that their supply chains and procurement solutions are fit-for-purpose, especially with respect to Te Ao Māori and associated tikanga (protocols), our unique social and environmental ambitions, and domestic standards and regulations.

Drawing on global insights, the focus of the report from a New Zealand point of view is on:

  • supply chain implications and opportunities
  • the potential of social procurement
  • the challenges posed by modern slavery
  • the growing commitment to tackle Scope 3 (indirect and supply chain) greenhouse gas emissions.

Supply chains provide the resources that organisations need to function. They deserve a top spot in the strategic priorities of every organisation.

If you'd like to find out more about how to make sustainable supply chains and procurement a strategic priority within your organisation, get in touch with our KPMG IMPACT team. We partner with organisations to help them be more sustainable, resilient, inclusive and focused on their impact, drawing on multi-disciplinary skills from across KPMG. 

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