Surveying 200 health leaders from around the world, the inaugural Healthcare CEO Future Pulse offers insights across the industry's most pressing issues: the impact of COVID-19, workforce concerns, leadership, digital health use, partnerships, and shifting paradigms in the areas of patient centricity, care and delivery models.

No matter whether we are in a crisis situation or in steadier times, the future of healthcare will continue to involve complex challenges that will require holistic, forward-looking, and flexible leadership.

Understanding where global leaders are focusing their time gives an indication of where the industry will head next. While the health impact of the pandemic has been relatively low in New Zealand, these issues are wide-ranging and highly relevant to our healthcare sector.

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Key insights from health leaders

Covid impact


of healthcare CEOs agree that the pandemic "significantly accelerated" their transformation efforts 

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of the CEOs believe that, within the next three years, all aspects of care delivery models will be transformed 

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of healthcare CEOs believe healthcare organisations will face the same expectations for customer services, quality and accessiblity that are seen in other consumer-focused sectors in the future

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of healthcare executives identify the risks of technological change as their top barrier to innovation. Despite this, a great deal believe their organisations to be at the forefront of transformation

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are investing time and resources to shift delivery of care out of hospitals and care facilities and into community settings 

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Most concerning

workforce issues are: ability to meet demand, the impact of new operating models on staff, supporting workforce wellbeing and recruiting new talent 

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