Time is of the essence for private companies striving to combat the immediate impact of COVID-19 while also laying the foundation for a strong future. Entrepreneurs, family businesses and private companies are generally able to respond and adjust more quickly than others given their agility and ingenuity.

To help you understand the potential impact of the global pandemic on your business today, combined with considerations for positioning your business for future growth, we encourage you to review the COVID-19 and business insights below.

Family Business

At KPMG Private Enterprise we understand the potential consequences of the current global pandemic on the strategy and operations of family business and encourage you to reach out to one of our Family Business advisors for guidance.

To help gain insights for a successful family business take the KPMG Private Enterprise Family Business Dynamics Assessment. This complimentary assessment is dedicated to helping family-owned businesses like yours evaluate key opportunities and issues commonly identified, and can be used as part of your strategic planning as you navigate these unpredictable times.

Our services

We have a number of services that may be relevant to your business during this time including our Business Resilience Workshop, Cashflow Forecasting and Performance Reporting.

We’ve worked with large number of clients throughout the last few months, helping get them build resilience, mitigate risk, manage cashflows, seize opportunities and plan for the months ahead. If you need guidance in any area of your business please reach out to one of the partners below. We are committed to not only getting New Zealand’s private business through COVID-19, but built out the other side stronger and more agile than ever. 

Get in touch

If you would like to speak to a KPMG Private Enterprise advisor about how we can help your business, please contact your nearest KPMG Private Enterprise office.