In today’s hyper-competitive and customer-centric world, it is those that know the most about their customers that achieve the greatest success.

So how do customers feel about the experience they are getting from their brands? And what steps are companies taking to ensure they are able to continue to meet customer expectations while also delivering value for shareholders?

To find out, KPMG International surveyed over 84,000 consumers across 20 countries, regions and jurisdictions to ask them which brands were delivering the best customers experiences and why. In this report, we identify which brands were nominated by consumers in each market.

We also go beyond the data to explore how some of the leading brands are creating exceptional customer experiences. We share insights on how the top ranking brands in our research are becoming customer obsessed making real progress transforming their businesses and, in the process, enhancing their customers’ lives and gaining competitive advantage.

This report analyses the results of a customer survey undertaken in Q1 2019. Mentions of individual companies the related case studies are based on the results of our survey and should not be interpreted as an endorsement by KPMG International or its member firms.

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