Leading change: Microsoft Dynamics AX 7

Leading change: Microsoft Dynamics AX 7

‘Cloud First, Mobile First’ is the vision of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella and AX 7 will be a testament to this vision, introducing major advances in cloud infrastructure and mobile applications. It appears that AX 7 has been configured to maximize the utility of Azure and will be launched only on Azure with on premise access following later.

Mobile applications

This much awaited upgraded version of AX 2012 has been designed around simplifying your digital journey.

With its latest offering, Microsoft aspires to become your partner in optimum performance by offering complete time and place utility. With the AX7, Microsoft has further refined its cloud platform for both private and public implementations while still offering an on premise option.

In an endeavor to promote greater productivity, Microsoft aims to enable seamless integration between its offerings and other non-Microsoft products regardless of the device being used, be it an Xbox, iPhone, Android or any other.

Microsoft believes that productivity and collaboration should not be compromised because people are not operating from fixed workstations or certain types of applications or devices. Microsoft’s newest offering aims to mitigate these barriers and provide an agile application without any compromise on functionality.

New and improved Features in AX7:

  • A nimble Interface: Introducing a new context-sensitive Windows 8 experience based on HTML5 technology that will be fresh and modern as compared to the somewhat lackluster ERP system interfaces presently in use. It will allow the user to create a more personalised experience enhancing user engagement and efficiency.The new interface will be more vibrant, engaging and entirely web-oriented and will allow a mobile workforce to access business data and processes, anytime, anywhere enhancing productivity. AX 7 is expected to have universal compatibility which means that it will be accessible across all mobile devices and tablets.
  • A Cloud with promise: Windows Azure will deliver agility with reliability, enabling a swift, comprehensive cloud environment installation. A commendable achievement further enhanced by the simplification of production environments. This would better facilitate customisations, disaster recovery and reduce the requirement of backup servers. The whole infrastructure is cloud based with no immediate plans for “o premises”.
  • Improved development environment: Expect enhanced consistency and effectiveness from development tools as the development environment will be relocated to Visual Studio under the .NET framework.
  • Partnering for Excellence: Businesses will choose to adopt Cloud technology at a pace best suited to them and Microsoft is committed to providing all of them best in class Lifecycle Management on the cloud, on premise or hybrid.
  • Seamless support and integration: Microsoft is moving from introducing new versions to incremental upgrades thus facilitating users with access to the latest improvements and upgrades on a regular basis. Users will no longer have to wait for a new version to roll out in order to take advantage of the latest features and applications.
  • Pay per use: To maximise adoption of AX 7, it is expected that Microsoft will be introducing the more customisable option of subscribing to a service only for the period required. This is likely to lower unproductive costs for users as well as reduce revenue loss due to piracy.
With the launch of AX 7, it is clear that Microsoft intends to be frontrunner in the SaaS arena. Its popularity is set to burgeon as it offers users exactly what they want: agility, ubiquity, economy.
The KPMG team look forward to the release of AX 7 in 2015 and envision much success with Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 deployments.

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