Having made untraditional life choices can give you knowledge, insight, and wisdom

At KPMG, we put people first, and to become the best advisor for our clients, we need the best people. We think that teams made up of people with different backgrounds and perspectives are more effective than teams where everyone is similar and thinks the same way.

In our industry, we have traditionally recruited people with similar backgrounds. High achievers with strong academic results from a fairly limited selection of schools. We plan to continue recruiting from these institutions, but would also like to hear from you if you studied somewhere else.

Maybe you have never got an interview? Maybe you have been thinking KPMG is not for you and that we only hire a certain kind of people with a certain kind of background and a certain kind of resume? We want to address this and are now looking for candidates with non-traditional backgrounds.

Some of the areas we work with:



Legal services


Artificial Intelligence

Organizational development

Technology and innovation

Process optimization

Risk assessments


Tax and VAT