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IT in the New Reality for Healthcare

Operating through an unprecedented global pandemic, there has been ongoing demands for urgent healthcare services around the world while non-urgent services have scaled back. Many healthcare providers have been stretched to the limit –balancing a surge in COVID-19 cases with ongoing demand for other patient care. With a number ofvaccines now offering the hope that the pandemic will be brought under control during 2021, healthcare providers will be looking to adjust to a different way of delivering their services and re-establishing more settled patterns of working. Recovery shapes for the sector will vary –digital health (virtual delivery of health and care services) will represent a surge pattern, while elective healthcare may not be expected to return to pre-pandemic volumes for quite some time, even when the coronavirus outbreak has been contained. It is perhaps no surprise that 39 percent of respondents in this sector view ‘surge’ as their economic recovery pattern, 10 percent higher than the cross-sector average (29 percent).

Arjan Ogink


KPMG Nederland


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