Your organization is most likely already transforming one or many business areas. Technology (IT solutions) are playing an ever increasing role in this process. Big data, IoT, cloud migration, xRm, AI can or will be part of that process.

Depending on where your organization stands in the digital transformation process, it might be wise to reflect the situation in order to make the next step and accelerate this transformation.

For this purpose we have created the Business Acceleration Workshop. In only 4 hours we bring you up to speed on the latest developments on ERP / xRM, Data & Analytics, Cyber Security and Cloud transformation; all coming together in a platform strategy to help you accelerate.

Depending on your current stage of digital transformation and your ambitions several topics will be highlighted. Fill in the contact form below to file a request.

  • The workshop is free of charge for qualified organizations.
  • The workshop is aimed at medium to large size organizations and tailored to your organizations’ needs.
  • The workshop is facilitated by 3 KPMG Digital Transformation experts.
  • Number of attendees : preferably 6-8 ; both business and IT representatives.
  • Prior to the workshop we will set up a call to go through our intake process.
  • KPMG will document the workshop results and the recommended next steps.


Due to the current COVID-19 regulations the worksop will be held via Microsoft Teams.

Workshop agenda

  1. Introduction
  2. Platform strategy vs Best of Breed
  3. Cloud as enabler
  4. Data as Enabler
  5. IT Security as Enabler
  6. Business Solutions als Enabler
  7. Summary